All our planked timber is milled and dried by ourselves and comes from trees that have either been felled for
conservation or safety reasons or that are storm damaged, none of them have been grown commercially.

With the exception of the London Plane and Wych Elm all our timber comes from trees grown within

Sherwood Forest and The Dukeries.

What sets us apart form other timber suppliers is we know the history of our timber: where it was grown,

when/why it fell, how old it was when it fell and in the case of some of the Sweet Chestnut who planted

it and why.

Current Stock:

We only stock rough sawn boards.

Timber sizes quoted are approximate and subject to availability.

Prices are regularly updated and may change at any time, certain wide boards may be subject to a

premium being added but our prices are a guide and discounts maybe available for larger orders.

We price our timber per cubic foot (cu/ft)

1 cu/ft is equivalent to 2 boards @ 9" (225mm) wide x 1" (25mm) thick x 96" (2.4m) long.

Drying Terms:

Air: timber that's been allowed to dry naturally for 2 - 7yrs

Green: timber freshly milled in the last 18 months.

N.B. Viewing of timber stocks is strictly by appointment only

For images of the timber and their uses click here

Time for a change;

One of the USP's of Forest 2 Furniture is our knowledge of where the trees we use come from.

If you're a furniture maker concerned with the impact of commercially over extraction of our worlds
natural resources then perhaps now's the time to look for a new timber supplier.

New stock arriving all the time.

Current trees waiting to milled include English Walnut, English Oak, Elm, English Yew, Cherry, Sycamore

and Sweet Chestnut, so be sure to bookmark us and check back often.

Beautiful grain of freshly milled Sweet Chestnut.

Tree was felled 3 days prior to milling

Many of the boards milled recently from an English Walnut tree have beautiful curl graining as can be seen here and in the image below